East Fork Treasure Hunters at the 2015 TAMDC show

Last year (2015), our club hosted a table at the TAMDC (Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs) Show and open hunt. Several of our members went and we’ve received great reports from their trip. Many people went to see the team from the Diggers TV show (KG and Ringy) and they weren’t let down. KG and Ringy are some really great guys (and it appears that they had a great time at the seeded hunt as well).

Here are a couple of photos from last years show.  Hope to see y'all in 2016!


Fun time at the February 2015 meeting

We had a really good club meeting as usual at the Feb 2015 meeting. There was a good turn-out of members. February is our annual Dessert cook-off and the entries were all absolutely fantastic. Carol Cooley won 1st prize to win the $25 gift card.

We also took some time and viewed a “Diggers” video in lieu of a speaker this month and then had our monthly door prize and fund raiser drawings. There were many prizes given out including some Garrett ball caps, metal detecting books, patches, and coins. The fund raiser prizes were particularly nice – 2014 Silver Eagle, an odd shaped silver “round”, 1945 Walking Liberty half, 1866 3 cent nickel, 1859 Indian Head cent, 1927 Standing Liberty quarter, and who can forget the 1838 Large cent (which Mary graciously won).

We also had our monthly “Find of the Month” competition. There were some really nice and unique finds displayed by our members this month.

Take a look at some of the photos taken at the meeting below:



Here were some of the “Finds of the Month”:



We hope that if you are in the Dallas Texas area and are interested in finding a metal detecting club that you’ll pay us a visit. We usually meet on the first Thursday of each month. We always have a great time sharing our hobby together.  See you next month!!!

Keep your eyes open

This past weekend, one of our members was out doing a little detecting in a local community. It was approaching late afternoon and he and his detecting partner were about to head home. Just before leaving the location that they had been detecting, our member noticed a bit of debris around a tree. Always wanting to leave a location cleaner than when they arrive, he went over to pick up what he thought was trash. As it turns out, the trash turned out to be a stack of cards including gift cards, medical id’s, credit cards, and a driver's license.

It took a couple of days, but our member was able to track down the person who was depicted on the driver's license. A few months ago, their purse was stolen from their vehicle and these items were in the purse. While no purse was discovered, the items that were found have been returned to their grateful owner.

Always keep your eyes open while out detecting. You never know what you might find and you might just make someone else very happy.