EFTHA Meeting tonight

We will be having our normal club meeting tonight and there will be some news about the latest cache shared with those that can make it. We hope to see you there.

December Fun Hunt

The Saturday after our meeting, East Fork had our monthly fun hunt. Some of our friends from Golden Triangle joined us and we started with our usual $2 token hunt which also included some buffalo nickels. Maureen found the token and won the jackpot. We then started hunting through the park for the next hour. Many items were found including nearly 5 pounds of trash (metal debris) that we removed from the park. Some of the interesting finds included an 18K (HGE) ring, a few wheat pennies, and a presidential token (Abraham Lincoln). It was a little chilly, but we had a great time.


East Fork Treasure Hunters meeting

As a reminder, we will be having a joint Christmas party with our friends at Golden Triangle tomorrow evening. We will be resuming our normal club meeting location and time in January.


August meeting and the EFTHA Newsletters

We will be getting together on August 3rd for our monthly meeting. This is going to be a good one with our annual silent auction being the main attraction. There will be hotdogs and other refreshments served during our break. We will be having our "Find of the Month" contest along with some other fun activities. You won't want to miss the meeting.


Also, have you noticed that we put all of our monthly newsletters online here at the web site? If you are interested in keeping up to date with the East Fork Treasure Hunters Club, it's a handy resource. Additionally, we have a Facebook page for members only. If you are a member, look us up on Facebook and request to join. You might find some details about hidden caches or other opportunities for our members.


Speaking of hidden caches… Congratulations to Aaron for finding the latest one!


See you at the meeting

EFTHA Seeded hunt

With the weather threatening to put a damper on our seeded hunt, we pushed forward. We had several bouts of rain the night before the hunt and it continued through morning. Rheia persevered and seeded our hunt field with MANY targets for our dectorists to find. We met up at Samuel Farm and at hunt time, the skies remained clear. We had a fantastic hunt with many silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars found (or at least painted pennies that could be exchanged for the silver). We also had many other prizes that were given away including a new Garrett ACE 300 metal detector, hats, pouches, diggers, headphones, and a new Garrett Z-Lynk wireless system. Following the hunt, the club provided sandwich fixings and we shared lunch and many stories.

A big thank you to our huntmaster and his crew for pulling off a terrific event! THANK YOU!


June meeting

This month we had a great meeting. There were lots of finds for our "Finds of the Month" contest and the fund raiser was a huge success. Maureen from Garrett Metal Detectors gave us a talk and shared some pointers, focused mostly on the AT Pro (and shared a little info about the new AT Max). The marble games lucky ticket was pulled – which belonged to John W. He pulled the red marble (the winner) and took home some greenbacks.

We also talked about our upcoming seeded hunt, which will be on Saturday June 3rd.


June meeting tonight

Tonight is the EFTHA club meeting. We will be discussing the upcoming seeded hunt and we will be having a special speaker. You won't want to miss it. See you there.

Our monthly meeting for May 2017

This month, we had a great time at the meeting. We were given a fantastic presentation on metal detecting in Israel by our visiting speaker Ellen. She shared about working on archaeological digs that she participates in during the year. It was fascinating to learn how the use of metal detectors has grown in popularity with the "dig directors" and just how many items are now successfully recovered that may have been overlooked in the past. Of course we had our fun hunt on Saturday following the meeting (which required a quick relocation due to the lack of parking at our original destination).


If you are interested in metal detecting or would like to see what we're all about, feel free to visit us at our next monthly meeting on June 1, 2017  at the New World United Methodist Church gymnasium.

The address is:
5134 Northwest Highway, Garland, TX 75043


The East Fork Treasure Hunters web site has a new home and is up and running (obviously - since you are seeing this post). All current newsletters have been added and a few other updates have been made.

Did you know that we also have a Facebook page for the club. It's a closed group that is currently available to EFTHA members ONLY.  If you are a member, you can go to the Facebook page and ask to join.  You can find us HERE:

New Year - Great Fun

As we welcome 2016, we continue going strong at East Fork Treasure Hunters. At our club meeting on January 7th, we took some time to share some great stories. Earl shared a recent hunt where he stopped at a vacant lot and discovered some cool finds. Our "Find of the Month" contest had some really great entries (especially since members were allowed to put 2 finds into each category - since we didn't have the contest in December)... some really impressive finds (watch for February's newsletter for pictures).

If you are new to the hobby and would like to join a fantastic group of metal detectorists, you are welcome to join us. We meet the first Thursday of each month.